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Your money questions answered on YouTube - Kindred Credit Union

In this ongoing series of videos on our YouTube channel, experienced financial professionals from Kindred Credit Union tackle your most pressing money concerns. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about paycheques, bank accounts, and saving money.

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What do all those codes on my paycheque mean?

Especially for those who are new on the job market, understanding the deductions on your paycheque can help you understand where your money goes. Find out what happens to your salary between your gross earnings and the payroll deposit in your bank account.

How does a chequing account work?

Despite the name – many people never actually write cheques from their chequing account. So, what are these common types of bank accounts used for most of the time and how do they work?

What type of chequing accounts are available?

Monthly fees, transaction costs, and the number of withdrawals you regularly make can all factor into choosing the right chequing account for your daily banking needs. From unlimited chequing to a value plan account, see what kinds of chequing accounts are available and which might be best for you.

How can I Save Money?

How ready are you for a financial emergency? Whether it's to be prepared in case an unexpected expense occurs or for giving you the wriggle room you need to make larger purchases without borrowing, saving your money is a smart thing to do. Here are some strategies for getting started.


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