Let Us Provide a 2nd Opinion to Help with Your Finances

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Is the volatile market keeping you up a night? Concerned about your investment portfolio? You’re not alone. BNN Bloomberg noted that “Canada’s inflation rate has probably hit its highest in nearly 40 years,” hitting 7.3 percent – the highest it has been since 1983.

Concerns about the market and rising interest rates are expected. Questions like “will interest rates ever go down?”, “how much more can I afford to spend on gas and groceries?”, and even those who keep an eye on their investment portfolios might ask, “where is my money being invested?”

There are options available. We have over 50 years of experience managing wealth and investments, and we’re ready to help. By reaching out to a member of our Wealth and Investment team, we can provide a second opinion on how to manage your investments in these turbulent times.

However, just because things seem turbulent right now, doesn’t mean that this isn’t the right time to review your finances – because it is! By staying on top of your finances, you remain in control, even as the Bank of Canada predicts that rates will continue to rise – at least, for the foreseeable future.

Our Wealth and Investment team will review your financial statement or your investment portfolio and offer suggestions and ease your concerns, or share alternative options that are unique to Kindred. We can help you manage your money by creating a financial plan within your means. Reviewing your investments ensures that you are investing your money the way that you want it to be – through supporting causes you are interested in or through Socially Responsible Investing, something we’re experts in.

We welcome existing members, and curious newcomers, to visit a local branch or kindredcu.com to learn more about our products and services. Come in and speak to a Wealth and Investment team member today – we’re here to help!

Ask for a second opinion from one of our financial experts on how to manage your investments. Enjoy peace of mind and get rewarded at the same time. 

Paul Arsenault

Paul Aresenault, CFP®, PFP®, RIS, CKA® is Director, Wealth and Investments
Branch Compliance Manager, Qtrade Asset Management Inc.

Paul has a wealth of experience helping members achieve their goals as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional. He coaches Kindred’s Financial Planning Team and acts as our compliance manager for Qtrade Asset Management Inc. In addition, Paul is passionate about sharing his knowledge around RDSPs with members and organizations.

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