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A Celebration of Voices: The 2022 X Page Workshop Performance

 On Sunday, July 24th, The X Page: A Storytelling Workshop concluded its fourth season with a rousing final performance at Conrad Grebel University College’s Chapel. In a celebration of how people use their voices, the workshop performance featured 10 refugee and immigrant women living in Waterloo Region who presented their uplifting and inspiring stories that they developed throughout the 12-week workshop. The performance was also live streamed for those who were unable to attend in person. 

The X Page: A Storytelling Workshop is a community arts initiative that connects immigrant and refugee women with artists who assist and mentor them in writing and performing their own stories. The X Page is a writing exercise based on Lynda Barry’s teaching and philosophy. It’s the opposite of a blank page: it’s the space where we enter into an image using all of our senses. The ten participants used these exercises to develop their stories of homes they’ve left behind, loved ones they hold dear, and formative memories from childhood they couldn’t forget. 

Kindred has been a partner for three years and been thrilled to see the growth of the program. As more women are empowered to share their stories, there is more opportunity for the community to become more equitable and inclusive. We hope this program inspires other communities to find creative ways to be homes for peace and justice. 

The written versions of the 10 stories performed have been published on The New Quarterly’s website. You can also watch the live stream recording of the performance on The New Quarterly’s YouTube Channel. 


Kindred is Celebrating 25 Years of Supporting Churches Across Ontario with our Church Builder GIC.

Your church and the community you serve are wonderfully complex, like a puzzle. You have a vision for your community, and the puzzle is only complete when all the pieces are in place. Some of the missing pieces in our communities today are food, housing, and even belonging. While churches continue to make a positive impact in these areas, it has become increasingly challenging with Canadian churches seeing a significant decline in revenues over the last two years1

Since our founding in 1964, Kindred has been helping churches and communities make the puzzle pieces fit together. In addition to providing churches with low, or no fee, everyday banking and cost-saving church mortgages, our unique Church Builder GICs provide churches with another fundraising option through the giving of bonus interest2. It’s because of members like you who entrust us with their money and made the choice to invest in Church Builder GICs that Kindred has provided over $850,000 in bonus interest to churches and church-based charities! And in 2022, we’re celebrating 25 years of Church Builder GICs by giving away $25,000 (five $5,000 grants) to help churches address community food security and safe and affordable housing.

Anyone can submit on behalf of their church3, either in writing at or with a short video posted to social media (Facebook or Twitter) using #churchbuilder25. All you need to do is answer the question: How would your church use $5,000 to address community food security or safe and affordable housing in your community?

Community Food Security

Does your church engage with food banks or school nutrition programs to improve access to healthy food and contribute to the development of a sustainable food system? From farms to food banks, community gardens to grocery distributors, the food systems in our communities are key to our health and well-being. 

Safe and Affordable Housing

Does your church sponsor newcomers to Canada or have an outreach program to advance the availability of affordable housing in our communities? From homelessness and rent affordability for those on fixed incomes, to the need to provide adequate homes for all, Kindred recognizes safe and affordable housing as an urgent need where we can have an impact. 

Submissions will be accepted between September 1 to October 31, 2022. You do not need to be a Kindred member to participate. 

1 Waybase Spring 2022 Nation survey results: The future of Christian churches and ministries

2 Read below for a definition of Bonus Interest

3 Recipients of bonus interest or grant must be Ontario-based and be a church or church-based organization. Registered charitable status is preferred.

What is Bonus Interest?

Since it’s tied to an investment we call it Bonus Interest – it’s really a donation. For every $100,000 that someone invests in a Church Builder GIC, Kindred donates $250 to the church or church-based charity of their choice. If a church has funds to invest – a capital campaign, for instance – they can direct that donation to themselves. That’s like receiving a premium interest rate on your investment!

Learn more about Church Builder GICs, download resources to help spread the news with your congregation, and hear from some bonus interest recipients by visiting

Read the full blog article → Kindred is celebrating 25 years of Supporting Churches Across Ontario with our Church Builder GIC

Engaging in Governance of Kindred Credit Union – Join Kindred’s Council of Members

Are you interested in contributing to the governance of your credit union? Your expertise and input are vital to growing Kindred into the future!

As a member of the Council of Members, you will work alongside other Council representatives from our Kindred branches, responsible for finding suitable and qualified candidates to serve on the Kindred Board of Directors. This important Council meets twice a year (April / November) as they work together to support the future success of our Credit Union.

Speak to your Branch Manager about this position today!

Featured image for "Resources to participate in the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation"

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 

Kindred will be recognizing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30. 

As we seek to listen, learn, and grow relationships with Indigenous neighbours, we appreciate the importance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Taking place on September 30 as a day to “honour Survivors, their families, and communities, and ensure that public commemoration of the history and legacy of residential schools remains a vital component of the reconciliation process.” 

Kindred’s observance of this day includes closing all of our locations and providing staff with a paid day off that is intended to create space and time to consider the ways we can all participate in reconciliation. As we equip our staff with resources for this purpose, we will also share them with you and invite you to join us in this learning and reflection. 

Keep an eye on social media and for more information. 

Now Accepting Applications for the 2022 Kindred Charitable Fund 

The Kindred Charitable Fund is an endowment that offers annual project grants to churches and charitable organizations. Each year, projects are selected from many submissions that help us to accomplish our purpose. 

Apply at Kindred Charitable Fund by October 31. 

Did you know that just by having and using a Kindred Mastercard you’re helping support the Kindred Charitable Fund? Each year Kindred donates funds to the Kindred Charitable Fund based on our members’ use of their Collabria Mastercard! It’s just another way we’re #BankingwithPurpose


Serving you better through new and improved products and services

Partnership with WRCF 

Over the last few months Kindred has partnered with Waterloo Region Community Foundation to develop a unique way to help address the housing crisis in Waterloo Region. We’re excited to share some news on this in the very near future. 

Business Account Packages 

In addition to the current pay-as-you-go model, later this fall we will be rolling out chequing account packages for our business members. If you would like to provide input on our business account packages offering now, or in the future, please contact your local Branch Manager. 

Stay tuned for more details on these enhancements to Kindred’s products and services offering! 

Kindred among “Best for the World”

Kindred has once again been named a 2022 Best for the World™ B Corp™ in recognition of its exceptional positive impact on its Customers. Best for the World is a distinction granted by B Lab to Certified B Corporations (B Corps) who after evaluation in five impact areas rank in the top 5% of all B Corps in their size group.

Kindred continues to deepen our relationships by serving our members in a values-based way, with an emphasis on farmers, churches, not for-profit organizations, and Ontarians who want to connect their values and faith with their finances. With products and services aimed at improving their financial lives, our work with, and for, our members continues to be a priority. 

Learn more at


Need a Second Opinion?

Is the volatile market keeping you up a night? Concerned about your investment portfolio? You’re not alone. BNN Bloomberg noted that “Canada’s inflation rate has probably hit its highest in nearly 40 years,” hitting 7.7 percent – the highest it has been since 1983. 

While concerns about the market and rising interest rates are expected, there are options available. We have over 50 years of experience managing wealth and investments, and we’re ready to help. By reaching out to a member of our Wealth and Investment team, through Qtrade Advisor and Qtrade Asset Management, we can provide a second opinion on how to manage your investments in these turbulent times. 

Our Wealth and Investment team will review your financial statement or your investment portfolio and offer suggestions to ease your concerns, or share alternative options that are unique to Kindred. We can help you manage your money by creating a financial plan within your means. Reviewing your investments ensures that you are investing your money the way that you want it to be – through supporting causes you are interested in or through Socially Responsible Investing, something we’re experts in. 

We welcome existing members, and curious newcomers, to visit a local branch or to learn more about our products and services. Come in and speak with a member of our Wealth and Investment team today – you can ask us anything! 

Outdoor Farm Show

For over 25 years, farmers have attended Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show to learn about the newest and most innovative products and technology in agriculture. This year, the show will share interactive content from the field once again that gives participants a unique vantage point to experience agricultural equipment and technology up close and in-person.

Kindred has decades of experience in agricultural banking. Our team of agricultural and commercial account managers in our local communities understand the business challenges farmers face and the opportunities ahead. Visit us at our booth (AB-14) at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show on September 13, 14 & 15, 2022 and we can chat about how we support farmers through their banking. Community food security is an integral part of our Community Inspiration Framework, and finding ways to connect farmers to businesses and farmers to individuals through partnerships is important to us.

If you’re interested in attending this year’s Farm Show, contact your local branch for a complimentary ticket (while supplies last). Alternatively, you can purchase tickets at

Kindred Credit Union

At Kindred, we believe you have a better choice for banking. We believe values and faith are central to life, and financial decisions are not values-neutral. In fact, we think financial decisions can impact the world in amazing ways—so our values are integrated into everything we do. We call this Banking with Purpose.

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