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  3. Understanding Registered Disability Savings Plans
  4. A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Investing
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Map the System

On Wednesday, April 12, Ian Thomas, CEO of Kindred Credit Union, was pleased to award a first-place prize of $2,000 to Adriana Ceric, Jordan Li, and Sukhmani Sadiora of the University of Waterloo, for their presentation on “Wetland Management in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario”.

The presentation was part of a research competition known as Map the System, and Adriana, Jordan, and Sukhmani now move on to the Canadian finals.

Map the System is a global competition run by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in partnership with Oxford University, and other universities around the world. In this competition, participants use systems thinking as a guiding approach to explore some of the most complex issues facing the world today.

From its inception in 2015, Map the System was designed to change the conversation within social impact education toward a focus on deep understanding of complex problems as the foundation for driving transformational change. It employs a learning-first approach that emphasizes deep, integrated knowledge of a particular social or environmental problem.

Adriana, a civil engineering student, Jordan, and Sukhmani, both environmental science students, approached their research from science, policy, infrastructure, and economic lenses.

At the University of Waterloo, 55 applicants worked for several months on their projects, and five finalists were chosen to present their research and systems maps to the judges. Students were also able to network with campus and community innovation partners. Adriana, Jordan, and Sukhmani were able to benefit from special coaching sessions with Map the System mentors, including Ian Thomas. “Ian’s advice on communicating why our research is important and why we are qualified to speak on it was invaluable,” highlighted Jordan.

The first-place team chose the topic of wetland management out of a passionate interest for the devastating wetland loss in Southern Ontario due to increased development, particularly in view of the passing of Bill 23 late last year by the Ontario government. “We have a generational interest in the sustainable development of land,” comments Jordan. However, the team points out that “development and sustainability can co-exist.”


CU SUCCEED Youth Bursary

Are you a resident of Ontario attending post-secondary school and looking for financial assistance? The Ontario Credit Union Foundation will be awarding a total of $100,000 to credit union members through the CU Succeed Youth Bursary.

To learn more about how to apply by June 30th, 2023, please visit


Understanding Registered Disability Savings Plans

Children with a severe disability can have significant barriers to their ability to earn a living in the future. Parents often worry about their children’s future. If you have these concerns, one of the best ways to save for your child’s future is through a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

Read more about RDSPs.


A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Investing

You may have heard about ESG Investing. The acronym applies to investment strategies that take environmental, social, and governance factors into account, and these days serves as a stand-in for all strategies marketed as sustainable investments. Sustainable investments are about using your money to build a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world.

Find out more about sustainable investing.


New! Book a Meeting with Kindred Online

Did you know that Kindred has a new self-serve online appointment booking tool? You can now visit our website any time of day to make an in-person, phone, or video appointment at a place and time most convenient for you.

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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events!

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CU Succeed Youth Bursary Application Deadline

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Charitable Giving

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Year End Tax Tips

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CEBA Loan Repayment Deadline

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