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  1. Lifting Up the Voices of Those Living in Poverty
  2. Fairview Parkwood Seniors Communities Update
  3. Getting Your Affairs in Order
  4. Coming Soon! The First Home Savings Account
  5. Kindred’s Affordable Housing GIC Continues to Impact Waterloo Region
  6. National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  7. Kindred Charitable Fund
  8. Giving: How to Choose a Charity

Lifting Up the Voices of Those Living in Poverty

We live in communities that are filled with diversity. Normally, that diversity is a welcome and enriching part of life. However, when that diversity applies to income, it’s a much different story. In Waterloo Region, 1 in 8 residents lives below the poverty line. With that comes a whole host of challenges that those who live in more affluent conditions may not understand. There is a group of committed activists looking to address this, based on their own experience and stories.

Read more about their work in the community.


Fairview Parkwood Seniors Communities Update

Kindred Credit Union was recently invited to join Fairview Parkwood Seniors Communities to sign the final structural beam and celebrate the last phase of their affordable housing project for seniors.

Last year, Kindred made a financial contribution to the new six-story apartment building for independent older adults in Waterloo set to be completed in 2024. Supporting local, affordable housing initiatives is just one of the ways Kindred is committed to inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.

Pictured left to right are Elaine Shantz (CEO, Fairview and Parkwood Mennonite Communities
along with Jessica Sproat (Community Engagement Manager), Sheryl Ramseyer (Waterloo Branch Manager), and Rebecca Smith (VP, Engagement and Values) from Kindred.



Getting Your Affairs in Order

You’ve probably seen movies or television shows where someone is told to “get their affairs in order”. Milestones in life such as starting a family, buying property, or retiring are all good times to start the process. Whatever the reason, it’s always something best done sooner rather than later. That said, what does that phrase even mean?

While it’s difficult to think about and makes many feel uncomfortable, getting your affairs in order means organizing your legal and financial affairs in such a way as to make it easy for your family, friends, or representatives to carry out your wishes when you have passed away or become incapacitated. You will feel relieved knowing that you have met your obligations, taken care of your responsibilities, and saved your family and friends the time and stress of trying to figure it out on their own.

We’ve prepared a checklist of the things you should do to get your affairs in order.


Coming Soon! The First Home Savings Account

You’ve probably heard about the First Home Savings Account (FHSA). But what is it and how can it help you achieve your dream of home ownership? Here’s everything you need to know about the FHSA and how it can get you into your first home.

The FHSA was announced by the Government of Canada in the 2022 federal budget. It’s a registered savings account designed for first-time home buyers. FHSAs offer the benefits of both tax deductions on your contributions AND non-taxable earnings!

Learn more about the benefits of FHSAs and how you can get started!


Kindred’s Affordable Housing GIC Continues to Impact Waterloo Region

The Affordable Housing GICs and Loans will mark its one-year anniversary in October 2023. Kindred Credit Union launched the product in partnership with the Waterloo Region Community Foundation (WRCF).

The goal of the Affordable Housing GICs and Loans is to support lending for the development of long-term, permanent affordable housing. The Affordable Housing GICs allow depositors to invest their money knowing that it is tied to a lending solution that aims to provide affordable housing.

In the 2023 Spring Newsletter, we highlighted how the Affordable Housing Loans have helped to fund development of the Mill Block Community, a mixed-income, intergenerational community located in the heart of New Hamburg. The New Hamburg Mill is being transformed to provide a modern-day solution to an increasing community challenge of affordable housing.

We are excited to share that the Affordable Housing GICs and Loans continue to make a credible impact in helping to provide creative affordable housing solutions in Waterloo Region. While affordable housing can impact all demographics, one such age demographic that is becoming increasingly under-served is adults in the 60+ category. Kindred recently funded a loan to help support the organization, Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW), to target a solution for housing older adults.

In early June of this year, SHOW announced its focus on older adults experiencing chronic homelessness with its affordable housing building at 144 Erb Street East in Waterloo. The building will be designated solely for housing adults 60+ from Waterloo Region’s waitlist for those experiencing
chronic homelessness. In addition to providing long-term housing, the building will provide onsite supports such as food security programs, healthcare, counselling, social and recreational activities, and life skills support.

According to Brian Paul, SHOW’s Executive Director, “SHOW hopes that by leveraging our experience with supportive housing and expanding our focus to include this demographic, a critical gap in the affordable housing continuum can be filled in Waterloo Region. We are grateful for this new partnership with Kindred, in helping to provide safe and affordable housing options to vulnerable older adults in Waterloo Region. Kindred understands that our older adults deserve a sense of belonging, inclusion and the chance to reach their greatest potential.”


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Kindred will be recognizing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on October 2.

As Kindred seeks to listen, learn, and grow relationships with our Indigenous neighbours, we appreciate the importance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Held each year on September 30, it is a day to honour Survivors, their families, and communities, and ensure that public commemoration of the history and legacy of residential schools remains a vital component of the reconciliation process.

As part of our efforts to learn and grow, our staff recently contributed to the Laurier Library Indigenous Mural Project in Waterloo. Ojibwe artist Mike Cywink was selected to create an outdoor mural on the southwest wall of the Laurier Library, and he invited community members to take part through interactive painting sessions. The Laurier Library Indigenous Mural Project aims to celebrate Indigenous art and culture, serve as a catalyst for creative and cultural engagement, and express Laurier’s commitment to reconciliation, decolonization, at the university and beyond.


Kindred Charitable Fund

Application Period Opens October 1!

The Kindred Charitable Fund will be accepting grant application between October 1-31, 2023. Established in 1999, the Fund has supported over 160 congregations and charities with over $1.3 million in support.

Kindred has a unique purpose – cooperative banking that connects values and faith with finances, inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. It’s a beautiful promise and aspiration, meant to be lived out and experienced.

That is why our Kindred Charitable Fund supports organizations working in the areas of:

  • Financial Empowerment
  • Community Food Security
  • Safe and Affordable Housing

We’re pleased to have supported organizations such as A Rocha Canada, who are exposing young people to their first experience with gardening; and Aliv(e), an organization connecting those living in poverty to the resources they need; or Restorative Justice Waterloo Region, who have come up with a creative solution to the affordable housing crisis.

If you think a Kindred Charitable Fund grant could help an organization you are passionate about, learn more about the application criteria and process for applying.


Giving: How to Choose a Charity

It can be difficult to decide which charities deserve your hard-earned dollars. You want to ensure that as much of your donation as possible goes towards the cause you are supporting. You also want to know that you are supporting worthwhile charities that align with your values.

Here are some tips to ensure that you’re are making the best decision when it comes to charitable giving.


Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Events


EVENT – September 12-14, 2023
Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

EVENT – September 16, 2023
Fairview Parkwood Gala Celebration: A Legacy of Kindness

WEBINAR September 27, 2023 at 12 noon
Disability Needs including RDSP









START DATE – October 1, 2023
Kindred Charitable Fund application window opens

CELEBRATE – October 19, 2023
International Credit Union Day






WEBINAR October 25, 2023 at 12 noon
Charitable Giving

EVENT – Saturday, October 28, 2023
Waterloo Radiant Ladies Night at St. George’s Banquet Hall

EVENT – November 2-5, 2023 in Toronto
MEDA Convention 2023: 70 Years of Investing in Entrepreneurs

CONFERENCE – November 18, 2023
Mennonite Central Committee Peace Conference

WEBINAR November 29, 2023 at 12 noon
Year End Tax Tips

DEADLINE – December 31, 2023
CEBA Loan Repayment Deadline





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