What are Mutual Funds and Which Are Best for Me?

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You’re comfortable in your chequing and savings accounts, and want to grow your money – you’re just not sure how. Your financial advisor might suggest mutual funds – only what are mutual funds? How does a financial advisor know which ones to recommend?

A mutual funds is money managed by a Fund Manager, collected and pooled into a trust or corporation from a number of investors who share a common investment objective. The income you earn from a mutual fund can vary and is considered taxable.

Before suggesting that a member diversify their portfolio with mutual funds, there are questions that are needed to be asked:

  • What does the current market look like?
  • What is the time horizon the potential investor is looking at?
  • Is the investor interested in socially responsible investing?
  • What is the investor’s risk tolerance?

These things help advisors determine not only if a mutual fund is appropriate, but what style of mutual fund is best suited for the investor, or what specific mutual fund would best suit their portfolio. If these questions aren’t asked by a financial advisor, it could lead to unhappy investors concerned about where their money is going and the rate of return on their investments. No one wants a poorly performing mutual fund!

A good advisor will want to dive deeper. Sometimes, if a mutual fund is performing poorly, it is reflective of a poor performing market in general. They should also be able to explain that a mutual fund’s time horizon – how long the money will sit in a mutual fund – or volatility in the market that year over year, month over month, means that the investment total can go up… and go down. The longer a member stays invested, the more likely they are to realize that mutual funds targeted return.

At Kindred, our focus has always been to diversify portfolios properly so returns aren't subject to just one market sector or investment type. Speak with a member of our Wealth and Investment team today to learn more about mutual funds.

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Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson, PFP®, CIM®, is a Wealth Regional Manager with Kindred Credit Union and a Qtrade Advisor Financial Planner. Tom has a wealth of experience helping people reach their financial goals, and he coaches Kindred’s Wealth and Investment Team. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial Economics.

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